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Every year in March, the Caritas Pirckheimer House celebrates the birthday of its namesake, the nun Caritas Pirckheimer, who was born on March 21, 1467. Traditionally, the Pirckheimer Prize is awarded on Pirckheimer Day - a recognition for special projects, individual achievements and commitments related to the region. The motto of the day and the award ceremony was the current focus topic: "Consensus and conflict - how does democracy work?"

Every Pirckheimer day starts with a service in St. Klara - this time with Herwig Gössl, who made his first public appearance as Archbishop of Bamberg on this day. Cellist Anna Skladannaya created magical moments in the church with her own compositions and her idiosyncratic playing with two bows

CPH Rudi Ott


Many visitors recently experienced "a wonderful and emotionally very moving concert evening" by the Eckental Refugee Initiative in the auditorium of the Eckental High School, as the association wrote in a press release. The two excellent musicians Anna Skladannaya and Alexey Petik performed. (Article from March 12, 2024)


On Friday, February 23, the annual reception of BildungEvangelisch took place in the atmospheric atmosphere of the KREUZ+QUER (House of the Church) in Erlangen. The focus was on the topic: "Us and the others? - The search for the middle in a polarized society" from the perspective of adult education. The event was not only an opportunity for networking and exchange, but also a platform for Stephan Anpalagan's reading from his book "Kampf und Sehnsucht in der Mitte der Gesellschaft".


Another highlight of the evening was the musical accompaniment by Anna Skladannaya on cello and Alexey Petik on piano (University of Arts – Kharkiv). The two played pieces by Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Chopin with such devotion that the more than 100 participants present listened silently and moved.


"The small collection of deep emotions is the name of a piece that the Salzburg composer and cellist Anna Skladannaya wrote for herself. In this piece she even uses two bows on her instrument. She also premieres the piece threnos - allen friedfertigen opfern by Johannes Krall."

Screenshot (193)1.png

"The carefully compiled program with recognition, feel-good and goosebump effects included compositions by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Gluck, Liszt, Mozart, Satie, Schubert, Tchaikovsky as well as an original composition by the cellist and composer Anna Skladannaya.

The audience was enthusiastic and the warm applause was loud and long-lasting, which brought an encore played by the two artists with particular devotion and feeling: "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert."

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