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Process musical thoughts through writing

For me, dealing with music in general, my cello and composition not only means playing and practicing all day long and pursuing my studies, but other approaches to music are also important to me.

I also express what I feel and what I think through writing in the form of poems.

Frau stützt Kinn auf Hände und schaut in die Kamera


After a long work
I come home and say:
Don't go away, sun
Don't darken my day

I practiced, wrote and trained 
I fulfilled my every duty today
Please, now, after all this
Give me the light I deserve!

It is not fair...
As soon as freedom is there, 
You have to sleep now
And then... all over again, of course...

I'm getting tired, okay whatever...
The only thing that scares me is:
What I'm doing, is this really smart?
Will I scream like that 
Before my last breath?...



If I weren't alive,
I wouldn't have made any mistakes
Could have done more
And didn't think about sleep.

I would never feel pain,
I would have always worked.
No matter what would be going on,
I would have played, composed and corrected like a machine.

If I were not fair to the world one day
If you wouldn't argue with me...
Don't unsettle and don't teach
But quietly and wordlessly
Turn off.

August 2, 2022

Are you coming?

From the east, from the west?...

For music it doesn't matter

She only needs the best.


Every now and then I hear

"You're possessed!

You can't sleep anymore, 

Don't even eat anymore!


Totally forgets

What does life mean?

Don't even want evening

Keep it for yourself..."


What to do? - I ask you! -

Do you have an idea?

How else do you get there?

A little closer to success?


We serve art

And play so much out of necessity - 

Look - what do you hear from the world -

Oh my God!


"How are you doing?

Tired, beaten?

I am sorry - doesn't fit

You're not invited...


Slow by chance?

Can't be true!

Wrong tone?

Stop, ready, can come in here next...


Did you practice well?

Okay, keep practicing - 

You need “very good”!

Are you just “sure”?

It's not much, it's what's needed here

Unbreakable courage...


Ah, were you nervous?

Problems at home?

Are you a diamond inside?

We're sorry,

Next in,

It's not interesting!"


And? Enough?

There's a lot I haven't mentioned yet

Bleeding fingers, for example

Do you ever get distracted...


...I would love to have 

Booklet closed with notes,

Went outside

And enjoyed the sun...


The door is always open...

...But it often happens...

That when you're out...

And looks back...

Is she already too...


...Well, come on, how much can we get done today?!

Come on, let's test!

Give it your all, keep trying!

What to do?! World only needs the best...


Woman playing billiards
Young woman with shoulder length hair
Smiling woman looks diagonally upwards


Anyone who has big dreams

He has to pay a lot

Just for possibility

Their existence 

He carries a lot alone

And is responsible 

For his excellence 


A step forward costs:

Time, patience and courage

One jump:

Sweat, tears and blood


As for the additional costs, they are:

Money, strength, health, energy

Requested for this:

Right fit, charisma, imagination


What remains for itself:


As long as she doesn't bother you - enjoy it

Friends? Perhaps...


Forget it!


Ah yes... It doesn't matter what it's about -

Music, theater, sports or painting

He who has big dreams has to do a lot...

Pay an incredible amount!


Junge Frau mit weißem Pullover schaut schräg nach unten

July 11, 2021

Why the scars caress my arms,
I ask you not to ask
Because sadness is still too close to me
My heart cannot say it


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