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Overview of my compositions

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Inspired by the movie "Aviator"

Haydn Concerto in D Major Cadence

The Haydn concert in D-Major is a compulsory piece both in studies and for auditions. When I started working on this concerto, I kept putting off the cadenza of the first movement because I felt no motivation to practice it. After all, there were only a few weeks left until the start of the semester. Finally I thought: the cadenza was originally intended to show the skills and imagination of the respective performer. I sat in a room in Salzburg in the Mozarteum and simply improvised based on the themes of the concert. I took complete freedom to try out all sorts of crazy things. Finally I called my mother and showed her my sketches. She was enthusiastic and suggested adding more lightness and variety of line styles. So this cadence was created within two days.

I also performed them at auditions and was grateful every time. Because if I noticed that one or two passages didn't work out technically on the day of the audition, I could easily replace them. However, sometimes I really took this to the extreme in terms of technical difficulty and made it very difficult for myself. This process of inventing and omitting, from adding to "just playing" has made this cadenza very alive for me and I don't hide the fact that I gave it to the two orchestral positions (WDR and Theater Nürnberg) that I have had so far cadence.


Those who are away
Stay there
Never leave...

Those who come, as usual,
To us, accompany...
You have a conversation, 
As always, further

Only answer sounds
Not so direct and bright
...through rain, dream, 
The sentence is made

But you have to be able to hear answer...
Through rain, dream, emotion
It sounds very clear reflection

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